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5 Reasons Why Many People Do Not Believe in NASA!

Anonymous Legend Aug 14, 2019
Many people all over the world actually think that NASA fakes a lot of news! Here are a few reasons behind such a belief of several people around the world.

North America Gets Bigger!

The first image of Earth, more specifically America was shown in 1996, and, North America was pretty big. The next image taken in 2016 when published, showed North America occupying more than half of one side of the Earth. Literally, a country grew bigger in size!

Flat Earth Theory and the UN Symbol

Is it mere coincidence? Why is it that the UN have their logo to be of a flat earth. If the Earth is round, they could have had another symbol. This is not a coincidence, this is one big reason.

The Radiation Sphere

For those who have read 'How the Big Bang Began?', here is the answer to whether we made it to the moon. There is this large shield that surrounds the Earth, called Radiation Sphere.

Crossing it is like having to sit in a frying pan. Not even a suite can actually help you. When this question is posed to NASA, they normally deny answering!

Aliens Support!

This might sound dumb, but many believe that Americans get a lot of support from aliens. Some people claim having seen aliens flying in America. Is it just coincidence that many people talking about aliens and UFOs are mostly from America. But, NASA and Americans "seem" to not reveal anything!

The Moon Landing!

When the moon landing happened, NASA revealed a whole lot of its images and many people came up with innumerable mistakes in those images. Like, no stars were around, or, how it was a photo-shop. There were movies on this, one famous movie showing this scene is 'Minions'.


The slides have no intention of showing down any country or institution. These were just a show of evidences for entertainment and information. We really appreciate the work done by NASA.