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8 Evidences to Prove That We Are an Alien Experiment!

Here is a set of mind blowing examples to show that we are an experiment to a whole stronger civilization.
Anonymous Legend Aug 12, 2019

Right Distance From Sun!

That my friends, is not a coincidence. There might be several planets in the universe at the "right distance from sun", here is a catch, the closest one is 17 million light years away.

Jupiter Saves Earth!

When earth was being bombarded by the asteroids, Jupiter came just in time with its heavy gravity and is pulling all asteroids away from the earth, till date. unlucky for Mars, it was too late by then. Now, what do we have to say, coincidence?, then see the next one.

Moon Saves Earth This Time!

Just when life started, there were thunderstorms and tsunamis all over the world. Just then, Moon entered the arena, reduced all waves and stabilized the situation in Earth, what do you guys say now?

We Think of Aliens Being More Advanced Than Us

This might sound dumb, but there is no movie or video on the topic we are going to other parts of the galaxy and finding aliens, only they come and visit us. This is like a thought being embedded into our minds by the aliens, who knows, why we think like that?

We Can Never Reach the End of the Universe!

Well, if you have played games like GTA 5, you will know that you will never be able to reach the end of the map, how much ever you hack the game, you will crash or die before you reach the end, and you will never know what is beyond that. Similarly, we are also trapped in this galaxy called milkyway, and are not able to step out.

We Have No Other Life Forms Near Us!

This is a clear sign of experiment where the aliens want to see what would a life form do, if they were completely set isolated from other life forms, if they ever existed.

The Existence of the Radiation Sphere!

The radiation sphere acts like a shield around Earth, it does not allow people to go out of Earth, crossing this sphere would be like sitting in a frying pan at 200 degree Celsius, even with a suite. (Then how did astronomers make it to moon, well, maybe they did not..). So the aliens definitely want us inside Earth.
So, these were some evidences to show you that we might be an experiment of the aliens. If you still not believe it, here is a bonus.
The number of Y chromosomes in malesĀ are reducing, this means, there will be one stage where no more males will be formed, and human life comes to an end.