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Is There Any Proof That Aliens are Real?

Manali Oak Oct 27, 2018
Aliens are extraterrestrial beings that are believed to exist. Is there proof that aliens are real? Let us find out.
Aliens have often been in the news. They have always been surrounded by mystery and have remained to be an object of interest for people around the world. People give accounts of being abducted by aliens. And many claim to have seen them. But there has been no conclusive evidence to support the proposition that aliens exist.
Is there a proof that aliens are real? Aliens sightings mostly involve sights of ape-like creatures or humanoid figures in the dark. At times, people have found blood or hair on the locations where aliens were sighted. But there is a high probability that these sightings were of bears or apes. Possibly, people mistook them as aliens.
The media portrayal of aliens has always been of humanoid figures traveling in disk-shaped vehicles. The impression of this media image on people's minds, coupled with their imagination, leads them to associate such sights with aliens.
Several films and books have depicted aliens, thus influencing the masses to believe that they are real. But there is no concrete proof supporting the existence of aliens.
Alien sightings have mostly been accompanied by sights of light in the night sky. People who claim to have seen aliens also claim to have seen mysterious lights in the sky. Some have said that light came from the spaceships used by aliens.
Disk-like objects traveling across the sky have often been taken as aliens' vehicles. People have seen certain unidentified objects floating in the sky and called them aliens. However, researchers say that some of these sightings might have been a result of certain astronomical phenomena.
While some discount the existence of aliens, saying that they are only a creation of human imagination and media hype about their probable being, others believe that aliens are real and that the governments are hiding information about them from the public. According to these people, government agencies are hiding the truth about aliens for security reasons.
Under the Search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) project, scientific methods are being used to search for life beyond Earth. Their efforts involve sending electromagnetic signals in space to detect extraterrestrial life, if it exists. Some findings could be termed as indicative of the existence of aliens, there has been no proof of this assumption.
Unless the aliens come to Earth and interact with us, we may not be able to say for sure that aliens are real. Don't you think so?