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Types of Aliens You Never Knew About

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Oct 27, 2018
The idea of sci-fi is incomplete without the mysterious aliens. But who are these creatures and how do they look like? This write-up provides brief information on their different types.
Imagine you are driving in a lone desert and you spotted a huge bright disc shaped UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) landing ahead, and the next moment you saw tiny little creatures stepping out. What will be your reaction?
According to science fiction, aliens are extraterrestrial creatures from other planets having humanoid or reptilian characters. Since there are evidences of the presence of water on some of the planets, there are also possibilities of life on those planets.
Thus, the argument is: "extraterrestrial life exists". There are also alien abduction stories, which report many people to have been abducted by these unknown beings. Reports are taken from abducted persons and eyewitnesses in a hypnotized state.
Such stories, however, are not substantial enough to prove their existence. Some believe that these creatures had existed long time ago, and they built the "Pyramids of Egypt".
It is a big controversial question "whether aliens actually exist or not" and the answer depends on a personal point of view.


It is a common belief that they have bigger heads and are quadruped. Let us have a look at some of the types of aliens based on reports shared by people, who claim to have had a close encounter with them.

Gray Aliens (Zeta)

They have various subtypes depending upon their character and the services which they provide, and they are commonly known as "grays". These are the ones who abducted Betty and Barney Hill in 1961.
According to the eyewitnesses, they are amphibians and look like manufactured clones. They are 3.5 - 4.5 feet tall with dark gray skin. They have a large head which is supported by a thin neck and no hair. They have huge black "wraparound" eyes, and the nose may be present or absent based on the subtype.
Their hands are long enough to reach down to the knees, but comparatively their legs are shorter. They all have reduced body structures. Many abductees reported that they are emotionless, and they feed on human and animal fluid.

Reptilians (Reptoids)

They are highly advanced creatures similar to reptiles on Earth.
According to many reports, the reptoids are cruel and dangerous to human beings. They are similar to the grays in size and stature, but are more dreadful than them. Their head is conical in shape; some have hair, while others have scales.
They also have an undersized tail. Their leader is known as "draco", and it is believed that they have special wings. According to the abducted people, they want to have control over human beings and the entire planet.

Human Type Aliens (Nordics)

They are highly evolved creatures and are similar to humans, except the oval shape and oversized eyes, along with some other basic differences.
They are about 5-6 feet in height, with fair skin and blonde hair, and they are believed to be the forefathers of human beings. Both genders have characteristic features. Females have small breasts and light colored long hair on their heads, which is absent in males.
Human male abductees reported that they are forced to have intercourse with the female Nordics, for reproduction process. It is assumed that this type of aliens are offspring of the abducted people, who are kidnapped by grays and trained them as their servants.
Even though there are lots of evidences about the aliens, the mystery about their existence still remains. Some people don't even believe in these creatures and regard them as something ridiculous. Some are of the opinion that aliens are real, and their mystery could be solved any day.