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Unusual Space Facts

These 11 Unusual Space Facts Will Make Your Day Interesting

Space in itself is the most unusual entity that exists around us. Here, you will get to know some of the most unusual facts related to space that have been discovered by scientists.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
The deeper you go into understanding the depths of space, the more you sink and realize that there's an infinity to uncover. What could be more unusual than the mystery of the birth of the space. Did it just pop out of nowhere? I mean, did space came out from the depth of space itself? Confusing! For me, one of the fascinatingly unusual facts is the existence of the eight planets in the solar system. I have always been haunted by the thought that how do all these planets keep themselves aligned in such a manner. Whatever the technology is behind the structure of the solar system, it is flawless.
Amazing Facts About Space
  • The Moon is creating a distance between itself and the Earth by 3.8 cm every year.
  • Sunlight is about 30,000 years old! Boy, the Sun is one reliable piece of battery of Mother Nature.
  • According to Greek legend, the formation of the Milky Way is credited to the Greek Goddess Hera. The galaxy is believed to have been formed by a spurt of milk from her breast, thus, the name 'Milky Way'. And that was just a spurt of milk!
  • If you travel in space, you can get 5 cm taller. The lack of gravity gives the sections of the spine the liberty to move further apart.
  • How long did your footprints stay on the sand the last time you tried to play around on the beach? Well, the footprints which 'Moon man' Neil Armstrong, along with other astronauts made on the Moon, have a life of a million years'.
  • In space, if you make two clean, flat surfaces of similar metal touch each other, they would stick together permanently. This process is known as 'cold welding'. It does not happen on Earth, because the atmosphere creates a layer of oxidized material between the surfaces.
  • Have you ever wished to be as heavy as an elephant? Well, if you are on the Sun, you can be so. The Sun's massiveness comes up to 346.38 times more than that of the Earth. So, with this kind of mass, the gravity would be a mammoth figure.
  • How about counting all the stars in the galaxy. Remember, you have one sec to count each star. One, two, three, four... wait, it would take you 3,000 years to complete the count. Boy, I will get late for my dinner.
  • In space, even if you shout into someone's ear at the top of your lungs, the person won't be able to hear you. This is because, there is no air medium to transfer the sound to the listener's ear.
  • All the planets in the solar system rotate in an anticlockwise fashion. The planet Venus is one sheep that is out of the herd. It has a clockwise rotation.
  • Now about the immense power of the Sun's energy that is produced every second. This energy is equivalent to that which would be released if 100 nuclear bombs detonate at one time. People or animals even at 130 km away, could be killed with just a pinhead of this energy.
As I have said, space is an infinite existence, that always has something to hide and create the element of surprise.
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